Who We Are

We work with domestic and international non-profit organizations, United Nations agencies, and corporate social responsibility departments.

Deni Robey

Deni Robey
Deni is a communications and advocacy strategist who specializes in promoting social justice issues and the organizations that address them. She has helped organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the National Center for Children in Poverty, Americans for UNFPA, and the Women’s Refugee Commission achieve their advocacy and fundraising goals. Her philosophy is that solutions should empower individuals, make economic sense, and be sustainable. When not trying to take over the world, Deni is usually being walked by her dog. Email: dr@denirobey.com


Tanitra PartivitTanitra Partivit
Tanitra is a database administrator, webmaster, social media strategist, and website project manager with expertise in online marketing campaigns. She offers full service website technical development as well as web analytics and search engine optimization (SEO). She has had experience with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and specialized content management systems (CMS). Tanitra serves as the webmaster for various non-profits including NGOCSW and Friends of UNFPA. She is an expert in Blackbaud NetCommunity with almost ten years of experience. She is well verse in implementing NEON CRM integration a web based database management system specialized for non-profits. When not online, she’s usually making a four course dinner from a zucchini and four radishes.


Skip WinitskySkip Winitsky
For over twenty-five years Skip has helped organizations develop and execute affordable and successful business strategies. From running an innovation agency to leading a global human rights nonprofit, he has developed business models, organizational processes, marketing programs, and technology platforms. Skip likes to cook – but isn’t as good as Tanitra, and walks his dog at least as much as Deni does hers.